Glass Eyed Pony Photography

I speak and breath in images.

I live to capture moments and more.

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Leesburg, VA




Client Testimonials

Lyndsey is not only a gifted photographic artist but is amazing with animals. She seems to speak their language without even saying a word. I have hired her on more than one occasion to photograph my horses, dogs, and children. I am a devoted animal lover and have been my whole life and I have never seen anyone connect the way she does. I have a rescue horse that was horribly abused by a previous owner who still gets uneasy around me and yet he instantly warmed up to her and melted in her arms. My kids simple love her, and she is equally amazing with children as she is with animals. She worked her camera magic and I have the most amazing pictures decorating the walls in my house and the albums on the shelves.

~ Annabelle Macey
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